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This is Prabanta Priyadarsan, Founder & CEO of Enteons Private Limited. It all started when I was 13, and seen the news, How a 13 years old girl Catherin Cook created a social network i.e. MyYearBook (Now Meetme). That time she inspired me to form a social network in the future. All the way I found Facebook, Justin.tv, Orkut, etc. But without any proper knowledge of coding and not having a personal PC, Both stopped me from further developing my idea. So I stopped.


After passing my board exam I was in a hurry to learn Computer Science but Unfortunately, I was selected in Civil Engg for Diploma. I accepted my fate and continuing studying that. The same continues till My Bachelorette.


After getting graduated I told myself “enough is enough” and made a decision that this the right time to start my own Social network. So close friend Ankita Behura formed a company named Enteons Private Limited, to create a Social Network of my dream with the passion of travel. The word Enteons was derived from the Korean word “Inteons”, Which means “The Internet”. With changing the Digital era in mind We founded Xvell®.



We are trying our best and hard to maintain and market Xvell®, including handling the legalities, technicalities, marketing, user retention, etc, But the Covid-19 Pandemic hit us hard and let us fall to the ground. We even struggle to pay the monthly server fees and we were going negative. We stopped getting salaries and used our personal savings to run the company. But In the end, We knew that we will be soon going to be bankrupt.


Anyway, We keep our calm and start doing website developments of nearby friends and families to maintain and run the company. With getting the contracts of Website and App developments, We also got the contracts of Digital Marketing, Legal works, Trademark filling, etc. Soon we could save our company built our reputation with our competitive pricing and best services. It could be possible as we got the experience from running a Pvt. Ltd. company for 2 years.

Now, We have shifted our focus from Xvell and start focusing on helping others to Build their Companies, Helping them to market, and helping them with their digital presence. and Right now We are happy with what we are doing and feeling proud of our 195+ satisfied clients. (Till 05.04.2021).

Thanks for the valuable time.



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